Active Recreation

Active holidays in the INIMA NISTRULUI region are trips in an amazing and unique region of the Republic of Moldova, with adventures, discoveries and trips by various types of transport – from boating, kayaking or Aleutian kayak to cycling and hiking tours along the Dniester River and the surrounding region.

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Hiking or cycling is great! Hiking is very useful. Firstly, for the cardiovascular system – walking has a positive effect on your health! Secondly, walking can be an opportunity to look at familiar places in a new way, and it is also possible to discover completely new places! In our region, you can see the most beautiful banks of the Dniester River, walk along the paths of oak forests in the village of Pirita, ride a bike or walk through the hilly terrain of the villages of Pohrebea and Dorotcaia, look into the Surprise cave in the town of Kriuliany.

Pohrebea village

A tour of the village of Pohrebea is a lesson in history, geography, biology and, of course, traditions.

Vadul-lui-Voda — Pohrebea

A hike from Vadul-lui-Voda to the village of Pohrebea is an easy journey lasting 4-6 hours at a distance of 18 km.

Equipment rental

In the INIMA NISTRULUI region, it has become possible to rent various types of recreational vehicles: bicycles, kayaks, boats with motors. Hiking, water travel and cycling are possible.



Participation fee: 300 MDL/person


St. Alexei Church

The real architectural gem of the village of Pohrebea and the Republic of Moldova is the Church of St. Alexei – the legacy of the Imperial House of Romanov, built in the period 1910-1912.

Happy Cows Island

The Island of Happy Cows, the so-called island on the Dniester, opposite to the village of Pohrebea. It got its name thanks to the cows that are allowed to graze freely on this island. Locals take cows to the island in the spring by boat and pick them up in late autumn. Locals get to their cows by boat, and tourists who want to see this island closer can do this.