The project will be implemented on the Cosnita Plateau, on the left bank of the Dniester, the jurisdiction of the Republic of Moldova, settlements – Cosnita, Pohrebea, Pirita and Dorotcaia; and on the right bank other adjacent settlements, such as – Criuleni, Slobozia-Dusca, etc.

Development program

I. Construction of key infrastructure:

Walking and cycling route.

In the region along the left bank of the Dniester, in the region of the villages of Pohrebea, Cosnita, Pirita and Dorotcaia, it is planned to build a 40 km long pedestrian and bicycle sports and recreation track. The route will run along the Dniester, in picturesque places, using existing pedestrian zones along the river. The pedestrian and bicycle zone will have to consist of two paths, equipped with places for rest, garbage collection, drinking water, shade creation, souvenir and grocery stores. It is supposed to plant valuable tree species along the route to create beauty and shade.

Water route.

It is planned to build berths at all settlements included in this zone. Electric boats will stop (dock) at the berths for excursions and walks along the Dniester. At the first stage, it is planned to have 2 ships that can accommodate up to 20 people, as well as 10 individual boats that can accommodate up to 4-5 people for private walks along the Dniester. The construction of berths is planned along the entire waterway in order to ensure the transportation of tourists to all settlements of this region. 

It is planned to build equipped beaches in each locality, both for the local population and for tourists. Beaches should be equipped with a toilet, shower, trash cans, shade, changing rooms, fresh water and electricity.

II. Development of a sustainable and successful community:

The creation of Casa Rurala

Involvement of local residents in the creation of micro-hotels in their residential buildings, which will allow them to earn about 30-40 euros a day from the delivery of such premises.

Food products:

— cooking lunches for tourists;
— sale of fresh rural food products on the basis of signed contracts with consumer organizations;
—conservation (cooking, pickling).

  Additional types of tourist services:

crafts, souvenir making, guide services, river and land rental services (bicycles, horses, wagon, etc.).

School of Rural Entrepreneurship

In order to train residents in tourism business, on the basis of a business incubator in the village of Cosnita, it is planned to create a permanent school for training local residents of the region in tourism business. (SRE School of Rural Entrepreneurship).


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