It’s time for events organized outside the city. You can perceive good weather as an excuse to arrange a holiday, and as an opportunity to transfer it to fresh air. The celebration will become several times more interesting if the action takes place not in a cramped room, but in the open spaces of nature. Where exactly to organize a holiday in nature, how it is better than a holiday in the city, and what are the options for carrying, we will tell you.

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Conference halls

Gastro Ferma

In a picturesque place, in the village of Pohrebea, a new restaurant-terrace GastroFerma has been opened, a restaurant of the restaurant chain in Chisinau Gastrobar and GastroVeranda. On the terrace we installed a food truck equipped with the latest equipment. The concept is based on the use of local products and local producers. Currently it works as an event terrace. Subsequently, he plans to switch to the ala card system.

  • Деловые мероприятия, тим-билдинги, профессиональные тренинги;
  • Банкеты, фуршеты, дни рождения, свадьбы, дегустации;
  • Завтрак, обед, ужин;
  • Кейтеринг.

Capacity — 100 seats
Friday – Sunday 9:00 — 22:00

Reservation: +373 79 67 59 85
Livia — touristic coordinator

Wine Tastings

We treat the tasting especially! Our region specializes more in strong drinks, so we, in cooperation with our partners, will hold tasting events for you and offer you non-standard solutions: business events, a friendly party, a wine quest or a culinary master class together with tasting of various wines!

But the holiday in nature is not limited to one stereotypical barbecue set on the lawn. These places are perfect for celebrating weddings and other special events. For this especially, the restaurant-terrace GastroFerma in the village of Pohrebea, Villa Alexandra Pavilion, Terasa Activis Teambuilding, which can accommodate more than 50 people, is perfect. The restaurant terrace is a large veranda with an adjacent territory, where you can hold wonderful events.

For business events is suitable a hall on the territory of the Villa Alexandra hotel complex – team building, trainings, conferences.

There is an opportunity to organize catering, banquet services, and order local traditional Moldovan dishes prepared by the villagers.

Casa Rurală

A classic celebration in nature involves not only the holiday itself, but also the creation of a special, friendly or family atmosphere that cannot be achieved in the city. One of the holiday options is to rent a rural house for a day (casa rurala), where a small company will be located. Kebabs and measured gatherings around the campfire will fill those present with spiritual joy and surprise with the surrounding views that will fascinate everyone.



The village of Pohrebea has excellent places for conducting various cultural festivals . On the banks of the Dniester River, in a poplar grove, on August 18, 2019, a fantastic HODINA festival was held, the organizers of the festival are the public organization KLUMEA.

Village day

Village day is a holiday with long traditions in our cultural space, which the locals celebrate every year with great pleasure. On the days before the Village day, the housewives prepare the house, whitewash it, clean it and prepare a feast. On the day of the holiday, people go to church. On this day, exhibitions, wrestling, contests and games for children are held near the house of culture, and in the evening a village choir or dances with famous musicians are arranged, where all the villagers and guests of the village gather.


The fair-market of local products in Pohrebea is part of the program for the development of the region, which aims to improve the well-being of local producers of organic, artisanal and traditional foods and increase consumer awareness of these products for a healthy diet. Here you can find local organic products offered by the residents of the village of Pohrebea and the entire region.

National cuisine

You can order lunch or a catering service for the event. Fill out the application, and the manager will contact you to clarify the menu and choose the best option for your request.

Reservation: +373 79 67 5985
Livia — touristic coordinator